I Don't Moo ~ Synopsis

In beautiful Prince Joseph County in coastal Maryland, pressure mounts against three generations of Angela Jones’ family. Each of her four adult children are confronted by an unforeseen tragedy that threatens to destroy them and irreparably damage the entire Jones clan. Each will have to find courage and fortitude to deal with the crisis that is about to strike.

Angela Jones, wife of Pastor T.J. and mother of two daughters and two sons, prays fervently for her family’s safety and survival. She is especially concerned about granddaughter Jessica, who has the skin condition known as vitiligo, which causes skin color to fade in white patches and splotches, leaving the teen self-conscious and vulnerable to classmates’ merciless teasing. Angela’s daughter Lauren is mother to Jessica and five-year-old Eric, and she works hard to raise her children correctly and well despite Jessica’s self-conscious struggles and Eric’s mischievous nature.

Samara is Lauren’s sister and Angela’s other daughter. Extremely independent, she is determined to savor life on her terms while cultivating a personal and unique style. She enjoys a meaningful romance with Brian Humphreys and is building a relationship with his young daughter, Amiya, surprisingly finding herself willing to consider settling down to family life if the right conditions materialize.

Shaun Jones is a young man on a mission to find himself and the path to accomplish his dreams. Unfortunately, financial issues stemming from a disastrous relationship and sordid friends threaten to send Shaun down the path of self-destruction.

Of these complex family situations, Jessica’s is the most desperate. Angela, a loving and gracious woman of faith in her sixties, begs God to protect Jessica from what is coming. Even though she does not know what to expect, Angela perceives in her spirit that tragedy is about to strike her family, and she must be ready to defend them spiritually and practically.

Jessica is victimized by children mocking her unconventional appearance, making mooing sounds to imply her coloring resembles that of a cow, or crude farm comments. Slender and quiet, Jessica is made of steel and refuses to bend. She comes from strong stock: a prayer warrior grandmother and a determined single mom. Still, there are times when Jessica gives in to tears and feels that even God is laughing at her, though she never turns her back on faith. Patiently she bears her daily burden, remaining cheerful when confronted by high school bullies and rude customers at her job. Jessica has been conditioned for endurance – but can she survive the terrible fate that is about to descend?

Samara’s calm self-assurance will be shaken to the core by the family’s collision with tragedy. Her orderly life will be forced into a totally unexpected direction that complicates her relationship with Brian and Amiya, especially when she learns he has returned to his ex.

Despite Shaun’s moral upbringing, he falls into temptation and violates the church his father pastors. His connections to drug pushers and illicit activities threaten to overcome his higher values and lead him to the brink of failure. When his brother comes out as gay, Shaun reluctantly accepts the revelation, but both brothers are unsure how the Reverend will react.

This strong and dynamic family will be tested by desperate circumstances that force them to reevaluate the source of their faith and the strength of their values; only then will they find out if they can weather the storms that blow savagely through their lives, claiming innocent victims and causing inestimable losses.